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Kikagaku Moyo & Yu Su

They set out on a musical voyage and have soared into the collective conscience of the psych community—they’ve quickly built up their own kingdom to inhabit and are perfectly content to watch it wash away. It’s an honourable achievement to let the collective live and die a natural lifecycle, rather than chasing a model of perpetual growth. 

Om w/ Zombi @ the Rickshaw Theatre

The tide flows from tranquil mantras into stormy undertows. Bass slithers in a snakelike groove around the underlay of sitar drones. Tyler Trotter’s mellotron chimes above the surface in glimmers, sometimes ceasing when he shakes the tambourine in between waves. The band swings heavenly through momentous grooves.

A Certain Ratio – Music Gone Loco

A CONVERSATION WITH MARTIN MOSCROP & DONALD JOHNSON OF A CERTAIN RATIO 40 years into their career, with a recent successful catalogue reissue and their first new album in 12 years, the members of A Certain Ratio are now finding themselves increasingly recognized as pioneers of new wave, post-punk, and cross-genre musical fusion. “There isn’t […]

Tobbaco – Hot Wet & Sassy,

Hot Wet & Sassy, the newest album from Portland-based experimental AND electronic outfit Tobacco, saunters through dripping, eclectic beats and saturated synthesizers. Anyone who’s seen a Tobacco concert knows that frontman Thomas J. Fec has a penchant for pairing the unlikely.  Bright, keyboard melodies rise over crushing Hot Wet & Sassy, which rolls along with causal savagery. “Centaur […]


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